We Protect High-Value Innovation

Henry Patent Law Firm PLLC was created to serve innovative tech companies who have significant research and development engagements. Our clients are leading innovators and respected experts in their fields, and they trust us to understand and protect their most valuable inventions.

We specialize in the following areas:


We represent clients who innovate in the fields of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and others. We have extensive experience with an array of technologies including quantum computing, information theory, cryptography, medical imaging, wireless (RF) technologies, electrical and electromechanical systems, computer simulation, optical systems, and semiconductors.

IP Strategy Consulting

If you’re an innovative tech company, you have questions: Can we patent this? Should we patent this? (Now, or later?) In which countries? New Call-to-actionWhat will it cost?

We specialize in helping you navigate these questions. We’ve been through the patent process with businesses of all sizes, and we understand that leveraging the patent system is a complex optimization challenge.

We learn your business and your technology, and help you determine whether to file patent applications, where and when to file them, and how to maximize protection while respecting your budget.

And we won’t give you canned solutions. We can guide you to the best practices, but we’re not afraid to apply our expertise to find novel solutions for unique circumstances.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

AwardsFor many tech companies, the success of your business depends on your ability to protect your innovation, and your patent applications are a core business asset.

New Call-to-actionHenry Patent Law Firm has the technical acumen to understand your technology, the experience to grasp its implications, and the legal expertise to protect its value. We’ve crafted hundreds of pending and issued patents for some of the most complex innovations, and we have experience with high-value licensing deals and high-stakes litigation matters.

On a typical patent application, a tech company will invest significant funding and dedicate substantial time and attention over several years. That’s why we partner with our clients to establish a long-term relationships and develop an institutional knowledge of their business and patent portfolio.

We draft and file US and international (“PCT”) patent applications, and handle all correspondence with the patent office through the entire life of the patent application, from start to finish. We strive to provide consistent staffing and attention over the lifetime of every patent portfolio, to maximize efficiency and value at every stage of prosecution.

Global Portfolio Management

Global Portfolio ManagementIn today’s global economy, obtaining patent rights in multiple regions of the world can be critical to protecting your technology. That’s why virtually every tech company should at least consider foreign patent protection as part of their overall intellectual property strategy.

We manage our clients’ global patent application portfolios, serving as a central point of contact for foreign patent applications filed virtually anywhere in the world. We work with trusted local counsel in virtually every major jurisdiction, and help our clients navigate the complexities of the global patent landscape.

IP Agreements

IP AgreementsWhen you’re striving to protect intellectual property rights, your contracts with third parties can be just as important as your patent applications.

Our clients often rely on us to help them protect their intellectual property in dealing with collaborators, vendors and other outside groups. We prepare and negotiate legal agreements that affect intellectual property rights, including confidentiality agreements/nondisclosure agreements, IP ownership agreements, development agreements, and others.

We also help our clients monetize their intellectual property assets by drafting and negotiating IP licenses and other strategic agreements.

We Know Our Sweet Spot

We’re specialists – we don’t do everything. If your project isn’t in our wheelhouse, we’ll be honest and let you know that. We often refer our clients to other firms who have expertise in areas such as trademark filings and litigation.

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