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Where Should We File in 2020? Recent Trends in Foreign Patent Filings

November 22, 2019

Foreign patent filings are expensive. Tech startups are always operating on a budget, so if you’re a tech startup operator, you may have to make difficult decisions about whether and where to foreign file

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Filing in the United States via PCT Application: Bypass Continuation or National Stage Entry?

March 15, 2018

Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), you can file a single “international” application that’s effective as an initial application with all PCT member states. This allows you to secure a filing date — while deferring the decision about where...

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International Patent Protection for Startups: 6 Factors to Consider

February 22, 2018

Patents give you the right to exclude others from making, selling, using, or importing a particular product or service — and to claim royalties from anyone who infringes your patent.

Patents are also country-specific: Your U.S. patent can’t be...

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International Patent Protection: Developing a Global Strategy

August 23, 2017

Early-stage tech companies often focus on establishing themselves in the domestic market first, meaning that they only consider breaking into international markets after achieving local success.

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