Legal Expertise for Emerging Technologies

Henry Patent Law Firm PLLC is a Dallas-based firm specializing in patent drafting and prosecution for high-tech inventions and emerging technologies. We’ve managed hundreds of global patent portfolios and have a firm-wide commitment to staying ahead of emerging legal issues, industry best practices and effective patent strategies.

We believe that it takes a certain kind of law firm to serve innovative tech companies effectively. We understand that you want to work with attorneys who share your passion, understand your technology and grasp your vision. Here’s how we make a difference for our clients:

  • We take an immersive approach. We craft patent strategies from every angle, accounting for the legal, technical and business implications of our clients’ technology. We prefer to take an immersive approach, believing that a strong understanding of the client’s business enhances our ability to obtain strategic patent protection for their inventions.
  • We speak equations. We take the time to learn our clients’ technology. We have the technical expertise necessary to understand highly-complex inventions and to communicate with expert-level innovators.
  • We respect your budget. We understand the time and budget constraints that our clients deal with and understand the costs of the patent process. We offer our services at a fair price and work with you to find a fee structure that appeals to stake-holders and a patent strategy that fits your business model.
  • We love what we do. We serve our clients through honest advice, high-quality work product and efficient service. We’re passionate about our work, and we love learning from our clients.

Henry Patent Law Firm PLLC was founded in 2015 by Michael Henry, who earned his Ph.D. building quantum computers at MIT, and spent nearly a decade serving clients at an elite international patent firm before starting his own firm. Our clients are leading innovators in physics, mathematics, and various disciplines of engineering, and they trust us to understand and protect their most valuable inventions.

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