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We Protect High-Value Innovation

We specialize in designing and executing patent strategies for innovative tech companies who have significant research and development engagements. We’re committed to delivering high quality work product and informed, strategic legal advice for our clients. Here’s what we can do for you:

IP strategy consulting. We learn your business and your technology, and help you determine whether to file patent applications, where and when to file them, and how to maximize protection while respecting your budget.

Patent preparation and prosecution. We draft and file US and international (“PCT”) patent applications, and handle all correspondence with the patent office through the entire life of your patent application, from start to finish.

Global portfolio management. We manage global patent application portfolios, serving as a central point of contact for your foreign patent applications filed virtually anywhere in the world.

IP agreements. We negotiate legal agreements that affect your intellectual property rights, including confidentiality agreements (a.k.a. non-disclosure agreements), IP ownership agreements, licensing agreements, development agreements, etc.

We’re specialists – we don’t do everything. If your project isn’t in our wheelhouse, we’ll be honest and let you know that. We often refer our clients to other firms who have expertise in areas such as trademark filings and litigation.

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